I'm contemplating taking this course but am new to Novell and not sure of
the quality of the courses. I am familiar with SMS and packaging though.
Could anyone who's taken this course please send your feedback on it? Type
of information I am looking for:

- Did you think it was worthwhile?
- There seems to be a large amount of content compressed into 5 days. Was
there highly detailed material provided to take back after the course? Was
the material well put together?
- Would you recommend this course even though 7.0 was just released?
Really appreciate feedback!


Desktop Management with ZENworks for Desktops 6.5

5 days - Course No. N3041

Who Should Attend?

This course is for students seeking the Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)
certification or those who want to improve their skills in managing network

Corresponding Exams:


This course helps you prepare for the Certified Novell Engineer
certification. More specifically it prepares you to take exam 050-692 or
050-892 (for Novell Certified


Students must have an understanding of the following:

.. CompTIA A+ Certification (or Novell Course 1105 and 1106)

.. CompTIA Network+ certification (or Novell Course 3003)

.. Novell Course 3016: Foundations of Novell Networking (or have equivalent

In addition, students must be familiar with

.. Desktop administration

.. Thin-client administration

.. Web administration

Performance Objectives:

This course teaches students to manage policies, applications, workstation
and inventory using ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management.

Course Outline:

Section 1: Install ZENworks for Desktops 6.5

.. Identify eDirectory Design Guidelines

.. Identify the ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Web Services


.. Install ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Back-End Services

.. Install the ZENworks Desktop Management Agent

Section 2: ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Policy Management

.. Identify What Policy Management Is

.. Explain How Policies Work

.. Describe Effective Policies

Section 3: Implement Server Policies

.. Create and Associate a Server Package

.. Enable and Configure Server Package Policies

.. Plan server Package Deployment

Section 4: Implement User Policies

.. Create and Associate a User Policy Package

.. Enable and Configure User Policies

.. Identify Common Configurations Set Through User Policies

.. Implement a Search Policy

.. Plan User Policy Package Deployment

Section 5: Manage Personality Migration Services

.. Describe the Role and Function of Personality Migration Services

.. Install ZENworks 6.5 Personality Migration

.. Migrate Workstations

Section 6: Image Workstations with ZENworks 6.5

.. Describe Workstation Imaging Components

.. Describe Common Imaging Deployment Strategies

.. Prepare the Imaging Server

.. Prepare Workstations for Imaging

.. Create and Restore Images

.. Configure Imaging Policies

Section 7: Automatically Import Workstations

.. Explain AWI

.. Implement AWI

Section 8: Implement Workstation Policies

.. Create and Associate a Workstation Package

.. Enable and Configure Workstation Package Policies

.. Plan Workstation Package Deployment

Section 9: Implement Service Location Policies

.. Create and Associate a Service Location Package

.. Enable and Configure Service Location Package Policies

.. Plan Service Location Package Deployment

Section 10: Introduction to Application Management

.. Identify Application Management Tasks

.. Identify Application Management Components

.. Explain Application Delivery Using NAL Views

.. Configure NAL

Section 11: Distribute Applications to Users

.. Distribute Directory-Enabled Applications

.. Identify Application Object Configuration Options

.. Automate the Distribution of Applications

.. Repair and Uninstall Applications

.. Distribute Applications to Disconnected Workstations

Section 12: Implement Location Independence for Applications

.. Describe Application Site Lists

.. Implement Load Balancing

.. Implement Fault Tolerance

.. Implement Alternate Remote Access Applications

.. Identify Optimization Tips for Application Management

.. Configure Application Reporting

Section 13: Managing ZENworks 6.5 Applications

.. Describe the Role and function of InstallShiled AdminStudio

.. Install InstallShield AdminStudio

.. Repackage Legacy Applications with the AdminStudio Repackaging


.. Create ZENworks Applications using AdminStudio Distribution
Wizard66.525.7272 . www.polarbear.com

.. Convert Existing ZENworks Application Template Files to MSI


.. Manage Application GUIDs

.. Pre-Install Applications

Section 14: Configuring ZENworks Patch Management Services

.. Describe ZENworks Patch Management Services (ZPMS)

.. Install the ZENworks Update Server

.. Configure the Patch Management Agents

.. Roll Out Enterprise Patches

Section 15: Configuring Remote Management

.. Describe the Role and Function of Remote Management

.. Configure Remote Management

.. Perform Remote Management Tasks

Section 16: Configuring Workstation Inventory

.. Describe the Role and Function of Workstation Inventory

.. Configure Workstation Inventory

.. Run Inventory Reports

Section 17: Implementing the ZENworks 6.5 Middle Tier Server

.. Describe the Role and Function of the ZENworks Middle Tier Server

.. Install the Middle Tier Server

.. Configure the Middle Tier Server

Section 18: Implement ZENworks to Solve Problems at Digital Airlines

.. Identify Problem Areas and Possible Solutions