We have a NW 6.5 sp4, Zen 6.5sp1 setup. Client is 4.91. ZFD agent that came
with 6.5 sp1. OU has a tight lockdown policy. User in O has an admin policy.
When you look at the effective rights for the user she is inheriting the
root XP group policy and the directly assigned one. Checking other users
that are in other O's in the same OU are inheriting even more group
policies. I have another user that has the OU tight policy, the O Nal shell
policy and then a light lock policy we assigned to her directly. It seems
that as you go further down the o's the policies are being inherited like
trustee assignments. I am in a school system. So a typical setup might be
that a particular o will have a student login, a teacher login and then
maybe some named accounts. So a tight lockdown will be assigned to the O for
the syudent to pickup. The teacher login will have a light lockdown group
policy directly assigned and a named policy will have a admin group policy
assigned. For some reason the named user is getting an effictive group
policy of all three. I hope that I am not being to confusing in my