Currently we have :-

Several netware servers, the majority are Netware 5.1, and a couple are 6.5,
we are planning on migrating/upgrading all to 6.5 in the near future. On
this we are currently running Zenworks 3.2, however I believe that we
currently also have a sitle license for Zen 6.5 (and maybe 7.0), I would
like to upgrade our servers to run Zen 6.5.

However so that I can experement / test out the features of Zen 6.5 I need
to install it on a server. Is it possible to install Zen 6.5 on one of our
servers, to test it, and not have it interfeare with the current 3.2 setup.

Or do I need to install a server in a new tree to test this ?