I would like to know the proper configuration for having a Middle Tier
server in each branch office location. We currently have ZEN 6.5 installed
in each branch office (Pure Microsoft Win2K/Win2K3 server environment) and
have eDirectory 8.7.3 in each branch as well. The DirXML AD driver and
password sync are installed in head office and are configured high enough
in the tree to include all branches. When I install the Middle Tier server
from the head office and include server(s) in the branch offices, the
HKLM\Software\Novell\XTier\Configuration\XSrv\Auth entication Domains\ on
the branch servers lists the IP address of the head office server. Each
branch has a Terminal Server with the ZfDAgent. When I login to a Terminal
Server, I'm not prompted for the ZENworks login which makes it appear that
the Middle Tier server is doing it's job (the login screen flashes on the
desktop). When I open Application Explorer, I don't see the tree. When I
right-click the Application Explorer icon and select "ZENworks Middle Tier
Server Login", I get the error "ZENworks Middle Tier Server login was
unsuccessful or cancelled" instead of the login window. I get this same
response even if "NALView.exe" isn't in the Startup folder and I run it
manually after logging in. Should the Middle Tier server be installed on
each individual branch server with the IP address of the local eDirectory
server? Each eDirectory server has a replica on it.

Many thanks for your help,