I'm not sure what's going on here.

This is ZEN 6.5 SP1b

If I go into ConsoleOne and make a NEW ZEN 6.5 workstation policy in our
O=BLAH, it creates just fine.

Everything works fine, UNTIL I go into the policy and check the box for
"group policy" (doesn't matter which OS) and click Properties.

I then get:

(Error -601) The object name entered could not be found in the context
specified. Refer to help for all listings and possible causes and

Some relationships between the added or deleted objects and this object
may not have been set up correctly and will have to be done manually.

This happens on ALL my policy object but ONLY with Group Policy objects.

I ran DSREPAIR on the 3 servers holding the replica of that container
(to narrow down any possible cause) even with a "rebuild operational
schema). Doesn't seem to make the problem go away.

To make troubleshooting even more difficult, I can SOMETIMES click on it
and it works fine.

Any ideas? I'd think if it was a DS problem, it would always happen,
but I'm wondering if there's some odd consoleone snapin issue? (given
that it does work sometimes) but why only with THAT item in the policy?
Everything else works fine.