Why do I have to have my DLU putting my users into the administrators
group on my Citrix server to enable the Application Launcher to work. I am
running Zen 6.5 SP2 , Client 4.91 SP2 , Netware 6 Service pack 5 , Windows
2000 server service pack 4, Metaframe XP Feature Relese 2 SP2.

Symptoms are. If your in the Administrators group in Citrix Application
Launcher runs up just fine. If you only get put into users group you get
the initial splash screen to show the desktop agent is loading but
application launcher does not start up.

I have look at all the previous solutions to the problem but now have

I have a 2nd Citrix farm (not built by me) and this is running Zen client
6.5 and novell client 4.83 sp1 and this is working fine.

Thinking caps on chaps as im stuck

Thanks in advance
Steven Holdsworth