I have seen this in a couple of threads, but still do not seem to get

I am trying to setup a group policy that has some machines restricted
from the DLU part of the policy. (Bear with me here) This means that
when I add them to the restricted machines section of the policy, it
does not automatically create the user on those machines. I read that
I could use the AutoAdminLogon feature and put a "user" in as the local
user that I want. Here is the problem I am running into. I have the
CTRL-ALT-DEL set to come up (which is what I want), I have the
AutoAdminLogon set to 1 for Windows (per docs) and I have tried 0 for
NetWare and 1, with the QueryNDS DWORD value. What happens is, I get a
prompt to login to the workstation. Is there a way that I could have
the user login to eDir, not have DLU necessary and have it login to the
workstation as a set user? The machines I am wanting to do this on are
general machines that lots of people use. Some software requires
answers from the users, I am trying to limit those and limit the # of
profiles on these machines only. All my standard machines use DLU and
I leave the profile on the machine.

Any help is appreciated.


Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH