Whats the best way to proceed, I am currently updating 3 servers from
NW5.1 to NW6.5, when I am finished I hope to have all servers at the below
OS level:

NW 6.5 SP4 / eDir 8.7.3

After I have updated to nw6.5 SP4, I would also like to update the current
zen for desktop from 3 SP1a -> zenworks 6.5, whats the best method?

Also I have noticed that with the newer client there is not an option to
install Zen workstation management or any other part of ZFD on client

Is the install of the client side of ZFD now automatic?

Will ZFD 6.5 be compatible with client computers with XP SP2 installed?

Will I still be able to use and edit the old ZFD policies with ZFD6.5.