-During the ZENworks 6.5 install - Error: There was an error installing
ZENworks Desktop Management on <servername>. Error: Failed to create
imaging service object.

-'No Work To Do' when trying to do imaging through workstation objects

The <servername>-ZIS object did not have ds attribute "ZENWMID" for
ZENworks objects holds the password. In the case of imaging, the imaging
process on the server will login as the ZIS object, and can then parse the
edir tree looking for imaging work, etc. If the ZENWMID is not created, or
not populated, then the automated imaging functions will not work because
the imaging service is unable to login and read policies/workstation objects.

By running DSBROWSE from the server you can verify this attribute setting.

To remedy the problem, delete the ZIS object, and recreate it with an
install. (install is the only way to create it) Do a custom install of
just imaging so that the object is created, then check to see that the
ZENWMID attribute exists on the newly created ZIS object before moving
forward. Once satisfied that the object is created successfully re-apply
support packs (and hot paches) to the desired level to ensure imaging files
are to the desired levels. Verify the <servername>-ZIS object has Browse,
Read, and File Scan to ROOT.

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