OK, I've searched the documentation, the knowledgebase, and forums, and came across conflicting results.

Does the ZEN 6.5 Middle Tier Server require the Novell Client installed or not? And if so, which order should it be installed, before or after MT?

I have installed ZEN 6.5 MT on a new Windows 2003 Server with IIS installed. It is the only thing that will be on this server. I just need MT so that my clientless workstations can login to the network and possibly receive software distributions.

I do not need to install eDir on the server because it is located inside the firewall and we have plenty of other servers with replicas that our users authenticate to.

I am having trouble connecting to the nsadmin, zen, and ztier-stats web pages, even on the the server itself. I get a "page not found" message.

I am following the TID 10073537 for troubleshooting, but haven't found anything yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!