I have updated the ZEN agent to 6.5 sp2 version (from to
We are using DLU (non volatile), WXP SP2, NW client 4.91 SP2.
MSI apps are associated to workstations and set to force run, install only.

Before the upgrade the already distributed MSI apps were not redistributing even if the user logging on to the workstation was "new" ie. had no local profile.

After the upgrade I have notitced the big difference in the way MSI apps behave.
Now they are doing a full distribution for every user logging for the first time after the upgrade:
a) For the users that already have a local profile - they redistribute on the first login after the agent upgarde
b) for new users they redistribute once - on the first login. They should do that i guess, but they do a FULL distribution instead of the fast (only user part) one.

I have tried 4.91 SP1 client, deleted nalcache - no difference.
Any help would be very appreciated...