I have netware 6.5 sp4 and Zenworks Dekstop Management Server 6.5
I have on XP station, the novell client 4.91 and novell zenworks agent 6.5

on my NDS i have a container with 2 user and 1 admin count
a service container with my serveur, a Policy container

I had created in my policy container a DLU
I used the note step by step from "administration Guide" and "installation
Guide" and this note for to be sure:

And when a i restart my client computer, i connect me with a Novell account
who have right to connect on the Novell Network.
I see the local account is not create.

I give you the step to my installation:

1) On ConsoleOne i Select my Policy container and create a new policy
2) On the Policy Package Wizard, i Select User Package -> Create Dynamic
Local User
3) i give the package a name, based on the types of users i wish it to
4) i click "Define additional" and FINISH
5) i select XP on the policies Tab. Then Check "Dynamic Local User"
6) With Dynamic Local User Selected, i click properties and i fill in the
screen as appropriate for the group i'm configuring. then press OK
7) i Click ON the ASSOCIATIONS tab and add the appropriate users and/or
8) i Click [OK] and i'm waiting few minutes

Have you got a idea where is the probleme? Do i forget something?

than you