Is there a way to export ZENworks managed Group Policy security settings on
XP SP2 as a text file or that could otherwise be parsed by a script?
Said script is used to verify that a specific Group Policy security setting
is in place and effective for an application dependency.

SECEDIT /export /cfg c:\secedit.txt produces said text file with default
settings (eg. empty)

I'm not currently using Security Templates or otherwise the "Import Security
Settings" function which creates said security settings/policy as

From ZENworks 6.5 administration guide...

"Because of the differences between Windows 2000 and Windows XP in regards
to how security settings are saved, you cannot use the Windows NT-2000-XP
platform page to edit the Windows Group policy. For Windows 2000, security
settings are saved in the gpttml.inf file; for Windows XP, security settings
are saved in the xpsec.dat file. Both files are located in the \group
policies\machine\microsoft\windows nt\secedit directory."

"When you import an Active Directory Group policy containing security
settings or import a security settings file, the imported settings are saved
in a new file called zensec.inf."

Any input is appreciated.


Tony Pedretti
TransUnion Corporation