I've got an OES-NW SP1(sp4a) Zfd6.5 SP2 server that I need to upgrade to
OES-NW SP2. The readme for OES SP2 says that upgrading to OES SP1 will break
the Mid-Tier server because it upgrades XTier from 2.0x to 3.01. It does not
appear to indicate that this happens when upgrading from OES SP1 to OES SP2.
It's not clear to me why SP2 would not do what SP1 did but it sure appears
that they are not indicating that it is a current issue. Anyone have any
idea if I need to plan on reinstalling my Mid-Tier server after the OES SP2
upgrade? How do you tell what version of XTier you are running?

Erick Larson
Perkins Library
Duke University