I'm new here, so apologies in advance if I've trodden on any netiqette
toes... I've done some searching, but haven't found anything that seems
to relate to my problem.

I'm from a software house that has packaged one of our applications as
an MSI. Although no MSI expert, installation of this in a non-Novell
environment seems to work fine. One of our customers is using Novell
ZENworks 6.5, and is having problems. I know nothing about ZENworks,
so would really appreciate any clues people can give as to what
ZENworks is looking for.

The screen-shot of the error shows "Novell ConsoleOne" in the
background, with "My World | NDS | TSPL_TREE | TSPL | Applications"
highlighted. In front of this is a "New Application Object" dialog
box, which is on the "Review the following settings..." page. Over the
top of this is the error dialog:

Title: Error

An error occurred reading the data from the MSI package.
Either the file does not exist, or the selected package does not appear
to be authored correctly.

Error: Property Not Found
with a "Close" button.

Can anyone provide any clues as to what ZENworks is looking for? Or at
least where I/the customer should be looking to find out more

Thanks in advance for any assitance,

Graham Holden