I have moved some workstation objects out of an OU called Workstations
and into OUs with the name of our remote sites (created inside the
Workstations container)

I have moved some workstation objects before and had a problem trying
to remote them, this was resolved when the workstations were rebooted.

This time the workstations are coming up with the error 1487:You are
attempting to launch the operation from an obsolete or invalid
workstation object. Verify that the workstation object is valid.

When the workstations are rebooted they now come up with the Error:
"1456: The agent failed to read information from the eDirectory Server.
Verify that the workstation object is valid and the Middle Tier server
is up and running."
Now I cannot remote the workstations, wake them up or get an inventory
of them, but here is the catch you can do a diagnostics on the machine,
so C1 can have some sort of contact with the workstation in question.

Some workstations have actualy been imported back into the Worksations
OU which means that there is now 2 copies of a certain workstation, the
one that I have moved into my new container I cannot do anything with.
The new one which has just been automatically imported back into the
worksations OU I CAN remote.
If I move it (delete the origional one first) into another OU I am
getting the error messages again, and if I move it back I can remote it

We are running on NW6.5 and ZfD6.5sp2.

Thanks in advance