I try to install ZfDAgent 6.5 on machines which have SafeGuardEasy
installed and this fails with an error message in the MSI installer
log file:
MSI (s) (EC:C8) [17:32:34:250]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603

A bit research reveals that is related to this error message in the
ZFDStopIf3rdPartyGinaExists. Return value 3.

More research reveals that we do not have teh GINA "NWGINA.DLL" in place
but rather "SGGINA.DLL".

Why does ZFD installer checks for that?
Is is safe to just place the string "NWGINA.DLL" for the duration of the
installation and revert afterworks back to SGGINA.DLL?

Any help appreciated.