I just upgraded to zen 6.5 by spliting the upgrade as suggested in the
documentation. I am on the second phase of upgrading the inventory
database. When I started up the inventory database it started doing
the migration, well that was 17 hours ago, now I am wondering how long
it will actually take. I only have a max of 400 objects.

This is on a Netware 6 server.

The Inventory console screen shows messages

Storer started storing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxx.str (xxxx
Storer successfully stored info for object and context time taken 1525

When I look at the zenworks\inv\db directory mgmtd*.db file size
remains the same but the time stamp keeps changing.

The log files in ZENworks\Inv\server\WmInv\logs\zenworksinvservice have
alot of info in it but I do not see any errors

My questions are:

Is there an estimate on how long this should take?
If I decide to loose all my inventory info, is there a safe way to kill
this process and start with a fresh new database?

Thanks for your help