I'm a bit confused with what is required for ZW for Desktops 6.5 and the
Desktop Management Agent. The administration guide seems to indicate that
the only time you really need the mid-tier server is if you have users
requiring apps or policies outside a firewall. Otherwise using the
NWClient will work fine. In other places the documentation seems to
indicate that you must use the Desktop Management Agent, which in turn
seems to require the mid-tier server.

In our environment, we do not need any outside access to the apps or
policies, thus I would think the NWClient is sufficient since we use
Login scripts, NDPS and DLU but require no access beyond the firewall.

We recently upgraded our ZWFDT 3.2 to 6.5, installed on Windows server
2003 but did not install the Mid-Tier server. This was all tested with
NWClient 4.90 SP2 which has the workstation manager component. We use WS
Manager to deliver printing policies based on the workstation object
rather than the user, along with Windows Group Policies.

So I found out, after the upgrade, that the NWClient 4.91 and up does not
have the workstation manager. This is now the function of the Desktop
Management Agent (DMA), but I don't see how that works without the mid-
tier server. Is the DMA a separate component that can be installed if the
NWClient is used, or is the mid-tier srvr required? If the mid-tier isn't
required, where can I get the DMA for installation to the workstations so
that policies for printing and windows group policies can be run?