Is there an easy way (I know, we never ask if there is a hard way) to remove the ability for users to uninstall applications, such as the desktop manager?

As per our previous posts, we looked for a way to shut down Yahoo and MSN through ZENworks. It worked great. They do get an error indicating the application was shut down via the desktop manager. So, the smart users have told the non-computer literate (I didn't want to say dumb users), how to work around it by simply shutting down the NAL Explorer via Task Manager (we did remove the ability to shut it down normally by right clicking and shutting it down).

Task manager could be removed, and I suppose I could remove the add/remove programs and administrative tools so they couldn't do anything else.

However, before we go that far, as those tools may be needed if their PC is having an issue outside of ZENworks, is there a way to simply remove the ability to shut down the NAL explorer, even through task manager?

If not, is there a way to remove the ability to uninstall the Desktop manager? A couple of users have gone that far to remove it, not that it stops the NAL explorer from loading. This comes from the login script anyway, so policies are pushed down anyway.

We are using the rogue application shut down product, and a registry remover for anything that pre-loads MSN, Yahoo and other.

With the ability to simply close the NAL explorer, they can then reload their MSN without issue.

The other step would be to maybe tell the anti-virus program that the MSN executable is a virus and needs to be removed, bwhahahahaha!