I've got a problem with deploying applications that are associated to the

I am running Zenworks Desktop management on a Windows domain member server.
The middle teir is also installed on a separate Windows domain member
server. Active directory accounts are synched across to edirectory, but NOT
using DirXML (we have a unix master that syncs the accounts to Active
directory and to edirectory).

The exact problem that I am having is outlined in TID10093064 "Workstation
associated applications do not work through middle tier" - this TID
suggests modifying the workstation proxy username and password or
reinstalling middle tier and specifying that the zenworks mananged
applications and policy files are located on Microsoft Windows server.....

All of the zen application .fil files are located on the Zen desktop
management windows server.

As suggested I reinstalled the middle tier and specified a user account
which had the correct NTFS rights to access the area which I have stored
the .fil files.....What format does the username field need to use? I have
tried every format I could think of and nothing seems to allow the
workstations to have the correct authentication to access the .fil files

I tried domain\username, username, username@domain.com

Have I missinterpreted how this should work? From what I understand the
middle tier uses this account to authenticate workstations and allow them
to access the locations in which the zenwork files are stored?

I just don't understand why I can't get this working? Could it be because
I'm not using DirXML sync?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, I'm at my wits end.