I have been working with strictly Win2k workstations to this point, and I
need to come up to speed on WinXP (I know...bout time!). Anyways, I am
testing a new XP workstation with a new policy and with existing policies
and neither is working.

The existing policies have all the configurations set on the 'Windows NT-
2000-XP' under policies and work great - DLU (volatile user)and Extensible
polices (custom desktop, start menu, etc.).

The new policy has the DLU set on the XP policy directly along with group
polices (which aren't working either...)

Thought it might be a rights issue with the new policy, and it might still
be, but wouldn't the old policy work for at least the DLU?

Server is NW6.5sp4 with Zen6.5sp2, client is 4.91sp1 with post patches

Thanks for your help in advance, and any other insite or resources would
be greatly appreciated!