Okay, here's the dilemma

(BTW, ZEN 7 on the back-end, but a mix of 6.5 SP1b and 7.0 agents on the

We have ONE central AWI server. The import policy is set to create the
object in the "workstations" container where the user object exists.

This has worked well in the past.

However, we're running into major problems now.

1) Users move and take their pc with them. The workstation object
STAYS in the old container. This makes inventory reports all screwed

2) Remote control becomes very difficult because we have 35 WAN
locations and each location has a local admin that can only remote
control "their" pc's. BUT if the pc got moved from some other spot,
they can't remote control it.

Is there any way for ZEN to update/move the eDirectory workstation

Short of me manually going through 4,000 workstations every few weeks
and deleting the ones that got moved?