I receive this error in the ZENWSimport and Removal screen:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for code cache

Server is a HP DL380G4, NWSBS SP5, 4 GB RAM.

I think it's Java related, because iManager also stopped working (error
503 - service unavailable)

@echo off
prompt $p$g
rem mscdex /d:cpqcdrom /v /m:50 /l:f
c:\dos\mode con cp PREPARE=((437) c:\dos\EGA.cpi)
c:\dos\mode con cp Select=437

## commented by MemCalc server -nl -u134217728
server -nl -u134217728

I tried removing the -u switch, but the server wouldn't even boot then.

I'm out of options, can anyone help?

Arjan Schepers