We are currently using DLU and roaming profiles for our users, the problems
is speed, it takes serveral minutes to fully logon to a new WinXPSP2
computer, for a school that's too slow.

I want to continue using Zenworks but I would like to have one profile for
all teachers and one profile for all pupils.

When the user enters the username/password at the Novell Client dialog and
clicks OK I want Zenworks to log the user in to a precreated local user
account profile instead of creating one using DLU and downloading the
roaming profile. The profile would of course be locked down so no changes
are saved when the user logs out.

Is this possible?

Do you have any other suggestions how I can accomplish this or something
similar so we can stop using roaming profiles? Local profiles that are
created every time a user logs on are not an option because that also takes