Hello to all,

I need a band-aid? Does anyone know which files I need to get my roaming profiles to work? We used to use the ZenWork Standard (I think that's what it was called) which shipped with the NSBS. I think it was eventuallyupgraded to 2.x.

I had policy that created roaming profiles and redirected the Desktop and My Documents to the server. It worked great up until Client 4.9x which the Zen portion was removed from client. Now, the redirects still work but I can't get it to do the roaming profiles?

I was suggested to copy a few files (I think to the local station(s)) in hopes of tricking the Zen to apply the policy.

We are making quite a bit of changes to our network and I don't think we can roll out a full Zen install just yet; I'll get on it though I promise ;-)