I am currently seeing an issue in my environment since an upgrade of the
workstation ZENworks client to 6.5.

Basically our environment was all ZEN 3.2, over the last month we have
been force upgrading each site to ZENworks 6.5 for clients through the
login script. Since then we have had failed logins from various
workstations and the only way to resolve the issue, currently, is to
delete the workstation object and let it re-create itself which does
resolve the issue.

From a site perspective I am not in a position to delete 2000 workstaion
objects so they can re-register into the tree so I was wondering if
anyone had seen anything like this and knew how to resolve it?

Current count on Health Monitor:
Failed Logins Per Hour 3038 6096 N/A

Example Error:
Time: Monday, 27-11-2006 9:18 am
Address: IP

I was thinking it may be a rights issues of some sort but any help
greatly received!!!!!