Hi there,

I have a problem distributing MS Office 2000 Standard with ZfD6.5 and local
user rights.

I made an adminstrative install of Office 2000 with a MST-file. Now I made
a MSI-application in NDS. The local user on the system should have no
adminrights, so the user is only in the user group. (winXP)

The installation of the MSI-Package works fine. But if I start e.g. Word
2000, Word start the Windows Installer and want to write in the registry
(HKEY_USERS). Due to the insufficent rights it cant write there. After 2-3
more error messages Word will start. Everytime I start Word or Excel the
errors appear.

I tried to install in a normal, secure or unsecure mode(environment), but
always the same.

So, is there a way to distribute Office 2000 and starting then Word, Excel,
.... without adminrights and no problems? (and without elevated rights)

Thanks very much
Ralf Krienke