I am setting up Zenworks 6.5 on a Netware 6.5 SP5 box in a dual server NDS.
I login to the NDS with an administrator account, and go through the
initial licensing and schema extension section, no issues. I then move on
to the Desktop management services section and select the appropriate
server, services, etc. Re-enter the code which I use copy an paste to do
so. When it go to insert the license object or I assume that is what it is
doing I get.

Unable to update license key. Please re-run the product licensig wizard.

When I search the entire NDS for the ZenworksLicenses object, it is nowhere
to be found.

I have had the license verified as valid by Novell Support and tried
different adminstrative accounts with no luck. I am using the original
Zenworks 6.5 CD.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.