Hi All,

I am in bit of a bind.

We just purchased 10 Lenovo R60e laptops. I load up XP, Install the novel

This all works fine. Next Zen gets rolled out to the machine. The machine
reboots the workstation shows up in the ZENworks Import screen. We reboot
again the laptop does a full software and hardware scan and it shows up on
the Inventory screen on the server. Reboot again and it again does a scan
for changes. This works. I reboot again and the I get "ERROR LOADING

I do a XP repair console and FIXBOOT and FIXMBR and the machine again
startup fine. It does another scan for changes and again I reboot and I get

I have tried loading XP from scratch on these machines i.e. deleting all
partitions and loading only XP with the network drivers and Novell Client
and Zen and the same thing happens.

I have 10 of these machines and they are all doing the same thing.

Any ideas. This all happens after the inventory scan is complete.