I'm seeing this on our new Dell PCs that we are delivering to our staff. We create the image, test it, and it works fine. We then deliver the PCs to the user, user logs in, Windows creates profile, etc, but MS Office (2002) won't run - for that user. If I use the account we use for imaging, this we Word, Excel, PowerPoint work normally. For newly profile users, we see the error message:

"Microsoft Word [or Excel or Powerpoint] has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application."

This makes no sense to me. If we install again, it works for that user, but not other users.

I did find an MS KB article that says we have to uninstall/reinstall MS Office - any other thing that it could be? Installing/reinstalling seems to be just a patch.

I recreated the transforms file to specifically state ALLUSERS=2, so it will force all users who log into the PC to be allowed to use the apps, but it's not working. My app points to the transform file, Office installs, but 1) I still get the above error and 2) Outlook installs, even though I instruct the transform to not install it.


I also posted in Zen-agent forums - not sure which is appropriate


Tom Miller
Hampton Newport News Community Services Board
Engineer, Information Technology