In my environment we've got a few different Zenworks for Desktops versions.
Primarily we use Zen Desktop Management 6.5 however some sites are still
running ZFD 4.01.

We create our snapshots using version 6.5 however if we take those
snapshots and try to load them on the 4.01 servers we get the error - "an
error occurred while attempting to convert the file" - TID 10096261
explains this error but suggests that Zen 4.01 does not understand the
expand strings. The article suggests removing these expand string registry
keys from the AXT file to solve the problem.

The problem with doing this though is that you are potentially removing
important registry keys from the snapshot, so the application may not
function properly when it is deployed.

Is there any other realistic work around for this. Can you change these
registry keys to a different type or is there a conversion tool that can be
used. I don't want to have to snapshot everything twice to accommodate for
the different versions of ZFD.

Thanks in Advance.