We have an SBS 6.5 on SP6 with Zenworks 6.5 and SP2 applied.
Ran ZFDSTOP on the server and Java -EXIT and the winsetup from the
expanded folder for IR1 being logged in as admin.
Can add a server and it finds the object and puts it into the right panel.
Clicking OK and the please wait comes up but then the next panel only
contains the workstation on which the snapins are to be installed but not
my server.
ZENVER on the server console does not report a version string but just hit
any key to continue.
The debug log in C:\Novell\zfdtemp shows my server name and context to be
SelectProductsPage: Authenticated to FSHCP
getZenworksVersion: Attempting to get zenworks version from FSHCP
getTextFile: \\FSHCP\SYS\System\zenquery.out

but no version or response is shown in select product page.

The server runs workstation policies and imaging services OK but we need
newer patches to cope with new laptops and PCs that will not image with
the existing SP2 version.
Any ideas?