Hi -

I'm fairly new at this and any help would be appreciated. We are running
ZenWorks 6.5 SP2.

Our setup is like this:

Our main set of workstations are located in an OU named Main_Workstations
with associated Server, User, and Workstation packages. We now have a
second set of PCs that we would like to keep separate from the
Main_Workstation OU and put into another OU named Training. These PCs will
have a different image, etc than our PCs in the Main_Workstation OU.

How (if it is possible) do I set this second set of workstations to be
imported into the new OU? I attempted to set up a second Server Pacakge
but it appears I can only have one per ZenWorks server, of which I only have 1.

Right now the PCs we want in the Training OU are being placed in the
Main_Workstations OU.