We have a Workstation Lockdown policy file for each of our branch
locations and then associate all of our users at our different branches
to the policy. It is to be distributed upon login. Many times policies
are not put in place, for example "do not show the Run... option",
Disable Control Panel, etc. The other piece that is not working is
setting IE Home page to our companies internal website. Most of the
time when users open up IE it tries to go to Dell, MSN, Microsoft or
whatever and they get a 403 Forbidden error (BorderManager 3.8 & Client
Trust) and they think that the internet is down when it actually isn't.

How can I make sure that policies are getting distributed to PC's to
lock then down?

We have NW 6.5 SP2 or SP3 servers and ZEN 6.5 SP1.

Thank you