Looking at Craiglist --

Why do people think that the cops don't look at CL? Why do weed smoking
advocates believe that the CL rules against drug posts don't apply to them?
Why do I waste my time emailing such people, asking them NICELY to follow
the rules?

Why do people post legit-looking employment ads, which result in some sort
of spam when you reply to them? Gosh, do these people think that someone
who is looking for a job really wants to spend money on some sort of herbal
supplement to help men who have body parts that are undersized,
under-employed and only marginally operational?

Why do people who place spam ads in the personal section fail to learn the
American bra sizes? I mean, "30 F"?? "36 G?" If such women did exist,
walking would require a violation of all known laws of physics and balance.

Is the condition of American education so deplorable that people don't know
the meaning of "platonic" even when that definition is clearly posted at the
top of the page? No, I don't want to play with your "platons....."

What psychological drugs are available for people who keep posting stuff
about "if you post this 10 times you'll have people thinking about you" etc?

Tim Wohlford