Very basic question ...
I Have 4 nw6.0 sp5 servers in our tree.
I would like to add/replace 1 of the existing NW6.0 sp5 servers
with a new OES NW6.5 SP6 server.
Our current DS level is:
Should I apply the newer (Aug '07) update to the existing tree
before adding/replacing the nw6.0 sp5 server ?
And should I use the Migration Utility to do the addition/replacement.
The existing server has lots of print que's (both legacy and NDPS)
Also, as stated above, we have 1 legacy DOS/Bindery app that runs
as a NLM on the existing server. This app needs to print to DOS legacy
printers ... should I have any (KNOWN) issues ??

Side note ...
(I am actually going to load the NLM and see if it works both as an app
and for printing ....)

Thx for your continued help..

Paul Jamieson
The Granite Club