Got a quick question:

Say we have a single server tree running NW6.0.

And We want to update the server to OES-Netware.... BUT, we want to keep
the same Hardware!

How might this be possible?
Im not saying i would want to; im just trying to figure out how you would
hypothetically accomplish this?

I was thinking you had to bring in a 2nd temporary server into the tree,
promote it to Master, then Consolidate EVERYTHING over to it, Then Revoke
DS from the NW6 server, then REFORMAT, Then you can install OES-NW onto it
cleanly, Make it the Master Again, Move all the Files back over, and ditch
the temporary server.

Thats what i was thinking... but i'm assuming there might be an easier way
to to a same server Upgrade??

(by the way; i'm thinking that this scenario would never really happen.
Because the time between NW 6.0 and NW 6.5 was a few years, and you would
just buy faster hardware anyway, right? just curious)