im struggling with the inventory.
A knock-out-criteria for a customer-project is the ability to administer
devices that are not scannable.
Like a monitor that doesnt offer VESA - information, or a Printer, that
never sees the network. And like mobile devices (no, ZEN for Handhelds is
NOT the answer, ALL IN ONE is requested).
Such devices might never see the corporate LAN but will be owned by the
As far as i know - the competitors offer this functionality.

On the first and second and third look i find no possibility to bring in
those devices into the Inventory.
Am i right or do i oversee something, i think a suitable place would be
unter devices/inventoried. There is Server and Workstation but no chance to
add other categories like "Printers", "Monitors"..



kind regards

Gerd Zobel
The NetWorker GmbH