We've running low on NW 6.0 licenses and have been sold a license that
our suppier claims wil work with NetWare 6.0 servers.

We've been sold a license called "NetWare 6.5 & Prior 1-User License,
(QTY 25)".
I'm able to install the licenses into the Tree, however, the licenses
install under a "Novell + NetWare + Server + 650" container.
The license reports that there are UNLIMITED user Cals avaialble but my
NW 6.0 servers are unable to see the new Cals.
Does anyone have any bright ideas as to how I can get my NW 6.0 server
to see this license?

Thanks in advance.


Ps. I've tried assigning a NW 6.0 server to the license but this has no