I have 2 test servers running NW6.5 SP6 with USB 2.0 ports. I can mount
a USB drive and access data, but it's slow. Both ehcidrv.cad and
uhcidrv.cad are loaded. I can't unload uhcidrv.cad. When I rename that
file in c:\nwserver\drivers and reboot, Netware hangs while looking for
the file and then abends. I had the same results on both test servers.
So, ...
1. Should ehcidrv be able to load independantly?
2. What is calling the uhcidrv file during boot-up?

Also, our production servers (Dell PE 2650) have only USB 1.1 slots. Has
anyone successfully installed a USB 2.0 PCI-X card on an NW server?