NW6.5 sp6 ZFD 7.0.2
Workstation XPsp2 NWclient 4.91sp3

***this is cross posted in the ZFD forums***
I work in a school district and we currently use dynamic local Users to
push logins out to the local workstations and bypass the local windows

The students are volatile as there are over 1200 potential students that
can access most machines.

Teachers are now beginning to complain loudly at the time it takes for
students to login to a machine, about 3 minutes to create the profile.

I have found TID's on enabling local admin login to work around the
profile. I don't like this as we have a high number of students that are
wanna be hackers. Admin rights to machines is just asking for problems
with new viruses as kids would be attempting to load all sorts of hack
utils on the machines. (yes I have good anti-virus but viruses can spread
pretty quickly until those engine update)

Is there a way to setup a tiered login Either through DLU or registry, to
enable a bypass of the windows login. And keep some level of restrictions
on students yet allow teachers to do the things they want.

The DLU seems to only allow volatile accounts for it to manage even if it
is a stactic account.