I install ZHM7 SP1 on Win2000 Server SP4 (traditional Chinese version)
with eDir,and I use WinXP Professional as proxy client which sync
Pocket PC 2002.

I config Handheld import policy to specties OU, but no handheld object
was created. I fonud some error messages on ZHM service object.

Error:HHLD-128 Handheld Device message Handler (1 of 2)
An error occured registring a handheld device from proxy
Error:DIROBJ-2 Directory Object message (2 of 2)
The directory policy package object<> was missing the <GUID>

Because I use Traditional Chinese Windows Server ??

P.s: I found TID 10089513 which said the same issue....But I used eDir testing environment,it still got error