I have installed/trying to install Zen7 on a clean NW6.5SP4-server (No
The server have also eDir8.8 pure IP.

I experienced two problem during installation:
- I couldnt add server
- Installation hung after aprx. 70% complete

First during installation, you have to selct the server you want to
install on. I browsed the tree and
context, and server did show up, but i couldnt ADD it. When i double-click
on it, den some Windows-login
appeares, but even if a enter right admin-password, it want add.
I had til enter manually the IP-adress to server, then it shows up as
There was no problem else to login to this server from a windows

Later after 70% complete installation, the wizard shows a commandline;
Executing command:
NET USE E: /d /y (SYS was mapped to E:)

Then nothing happend anymore! The whole computer hang and i had to reset

Can someone confirm this, or is it only me who had this problems?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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