I am have been working on using zlm7 for updates using rug. Here is what
I have managed to do so far using an OES 1 sp1 device:

1. I used zlmmirror to create a catalog and bundle for OES
2. Per the documentation I have assigned the catalog to the device
3. Used rug to add the catelog as a service to the device

What I cannot do is update the device using rug. I can see in the
workcenter that the bundle does indeed contain the rpms, but I can't see
the rpms using rug from the device and updates are not being applied to
the device.

Any ideas how to properly add a device so that I can use rug to update
the device?

Also, I bought the zlm book and it was not much help for this task. Not
much better then printing out the docs. If someone can tell me how to
get rug updates to work I will post instructions on my website and also
how to use polices and imaging which I have figured out how to use.