I installed nld sp2 from ZLM 7 PXE.
Ifter this i installed zlm 7 agent (zlm-install -a) and registered it on

red-carpet worked fine.

I mirrored NLD patches to ZLM 7 Server.

I added nld workstation catalogs to nld9 and nld9-extras.

After this I updated nld from ZLM server:

rug sub nld9
rug up

NLD got all needed updates.

After this I cannot run red-carpet gui:

This message appears:

adplaptop:~ # red-carpet
ZENworks 7 Linux Management Update Manager 6.7.0
Copyright 2000-2005 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If i press Ctrl-C ZENworks 7 Linux Management Update Login window appears.
I try to connect to this system, press OK. Nothing happens.