Hello all!

I'm working with about 25 oes/sles serevrs and zLm7 since a view months.
Quiet fine and till I learned to build our own rpms I can da a lot with it.
I setup a nfs installation source and use autoyast files for server
As a post command in the autoyast file the server installs the zlm7 agent,
register and loads the assigned bundles.

Now I did this for some oes test servers and wanted to install the novell
cluster services after that.
So I went to yast and started it there, after checking dependencies it
wanted to install a view packages.
It failed even with the first packages which is the novell welcome page.
Right after the server installation there is the installation source in yast
set to the nfs server which
I used during base server installation. On that nfs server I put the oes
sp1. When zlm installed the
bundles for this device they contain some packages that were newer than oes
sp1. I think yast now
tries to install some packages from the nfs server but has problems with
dependencies or so.
I haven't fonud a log file telling me whats going on.

I thought the catalogs are working as a repository for dependencies.
Is yast capable of using zlm for checking it's dependencies ?

Any idea how I can handle thsi problem ?

Thanks for all,