Hello all!

I'm wondering if zlm should reapply the bundle when I installed new packes
with yast.

Here is what I've done:

1.) setup a installation server for oes sp1 with netinstall.sh
2.) autoyast installation of two new servers with that installation source
3.) registered both devices in zlm and applied the oes updates till
2005-12-12 (this is beyond sp1)
4.) installation of novell cluster services within yast
-> that one takes the initial network installation source for package
-> there is eg. novell-cluster-services-1.8.1-70 in it

In the oes bundle there is a "novell-cluster-services-1.8.1-73" in it.
Should zlm install this after a view time automatically,as the bundle is
still assigned or do I have to run "rug up" after a installaltion in yast ?