what is the preferred way to install zlm7 on linux clients installed via
autoyast? I used a script that fetches the client iso, mounts it and
installs zlm7 using a response file. This didn't work out as intended
because first of all there was no networking up (I used a post setup
script). On http://forgeftp.novell.com///yast/do...0/autoinstall/ \
createprofile.scripts.html#post-insall.scripts I read about the
<network_needed config:type="boolean">true</network_needed> parameter.
Good thing. Zlm7 installation succeeds. Unfortunately autoyast doesn't
continue because zlm7 is locking the rpm database. So I added a
"/opt/.../rug shutdown" at the end of my zenworks.sh shell script. Oh
and by the way.. after the _zenworks_ installation a "rug sl" works just
fine. After the _autoyast_ installation has finished zmd is running but
rug sl says there are no services. uh oh.. why. I guess I'm approaching
this problem (automated zenworks installation) a very stupid way. Might
anyone provide some guidance?

regards, Joe R.