Does anyone know what you need to do to get zlm mirror to work through a
proxy server?

I have a SLES9 box running ZLM 7 setup to proxy to a squid proxy server
for http https and ftp. This was configured using YaST.

When I try to run zlmmirror, it fails with the following message.

ZENworks Linux Management Mirror (zlmmirror) 7.0.0

Copyright 2005, Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

* Opening configuration file "./zlm-mirror-sles9-confV2.xml"

* Connecting to the remote server: ""

Error: Could not connect to or read from "".
Please check the URL and try again.
(org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpConnection$Conn ectionTimeoutException)

I know that the XML config file works because I have used it successfully
on another server that does not need to go through the proxy server.

I am sure one of you smart admins out there knows just what I am missing
to make this work.

Thanks for reading